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Empowering Growth and Success

About VZN Coaching

At VZN Real Estate Platform, we are committed to fostering growth, enhancing productivity, and driving success for individuals and teams across various domains. Our tailored coaching programs are designed to provide strategic guidance, skill development, and actionable insights that propel professionals toward their goals.


Whether you're an executive seeking to optimize performance, an assistant looking to elevate efficiency, or an entrepreneur striving for business expansion, our coaching offerings are crafted to meet your unique needs.

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Tailored Coaching for Elevated Performance

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Business and
Growth Enhancement

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Executive Assistant Coaching Services

Why Choose Our Coaching Solutions?

Tailored Approach

Our coaching is personalized to each individual's or team's unique goals, ensuring relevant and effective guidance.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced coaches are experts in their respective fields, providing actionable insights and strategies.


Tangible Results

We believe in accountability as a catalyst for growth, fostering a culture of achievement.

Our coaching programs are designed to yield measurable outcomes, enhancing productivity and success.

Flexible Options

We offer a range of coaching services, from one-on-one sessions to group classes, accommodating diverse needs.

Kelly Anne Harris has been a driving force behind our team's success. Her guidance and coaching to the models and culture of Keller Williams have allowed us to go from $10 million in sales volume to $29 million in less than 2 years. On top of that, our team achieved the first level of Millionaire Real Estate Agent with $1.15 million in GCI in 2021.
Mike Davis

Director of Operations, The Kelly Wiley Group of KW Excel

Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • Rainmaker Coaching

    Every month
    This streamlines your approach, providing personalized insights that elevate your performance.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Three 45-minute coaching sessions per month
    • Focus on rainmaking skills
    • VZN Empower Community
    • 2 P & L strategy sessions a year
    • Duration: Sign-up until January
    • VIP access to Rainmaker events at a discounted rate
    • Access to Rainmaker Meet Ups
  • Executive Coaching

    Every month
    A weekly 30-minute session focused on personal and professional growth.
    • Mindset development
    • Habit formation
    • Skill enhancement
  • Growth Coaching

    Every month
    This bi-weekly coaching is for entrepreneurs aiming to boost their sales or size.
    • Personalized strategies and ongoing support
    • Identifying growth opportunities
    • Identifying growth opportunities to maximize potential
  • Business Accountability Coaching

    Every month
    Our Monthly Business Accountability Coaching ensures you stay on track with your business goals.
    • Monthly meetings
    • Review of your prior month's goals
    • Evaluate goals to actual outcomes
    • Developing a comprehensive plan for the upcoming month
  • Business Planning Clinic (1-on-1)

    Valid for one year
    • Business Planning (Group Class)

      Valid for one year
      • Executive Assistant Coaching

        Designed to empower your executive team and optimize their productivity.
        Valid for 3 months
        • Two 30-minute coaching calls per week
        • Unlimited email and Slack access to our coaches
        • Expectation Call with Rainmakers
        • Weekly Updates to Rainmakers
        • Enforcement and Execution of 30-60-90 day plans
        • Expectations Review
        • End of Day Accountability
      • EA Coaching Extended - Tier 1

        Every month
        One-on-One Coaching Foundation Builder - Operations - Virtual Assistant Onboarding
        Valid for 12 months
        • Initial consultation to assess needs and goals
        • Customized action plan development
        • Weekly 30 minute coaching sessions
        • Email support between sessions
        • Accountability check-ins
        • Resources and tools for professional growth
      • EA Coaching Extended - Tier 2

        Every month
        Group Coaching Collaborative Growth
        • Bi Monthly group coaching sessions with like-minded professi
        • Shared insights, experiences, and best practices
        • Guest expert sessions on relevant topics
        • Peer support and networking opportunities
        • Online community/forum for ongoing interaction and support
        • Resource library with valuable content
        • * +$99 dollars on additional admin member
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