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Business and Growth Enhancement

Matt's coaching needs are diverse, and our coaching offerings reflect just that. From Executive Coaching that sharpens leadership skills to Growth Coaching that propels business expansion, our services address various dimensions of success. Monthly Business Accountability Coaching ensures consistent progress, and our specialized clinics and classes offer the expertise needed for successful business planning.

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Matt Brown
Head Coach, VZN Real Estate Platform

  • Option 1: Executive Coaching - Our Executive Coaching option offers a weekly 30-minute session focused on personal and professional growth. Through mindset development, habit formation, and skill enhancement, our experienced coaches help you overcome barriers, adopt a growth mindset, and achieve your full potential in both personal and professional spheres.

  • Option 2: Growth Coaching -  Our Growth Coaching option targets entrepreneurs and business owners aiming to boost their business sales or size. With personalized strategies and ongoing support, our coaches guide you in identifying growth opportunities and implementing effective marketing, sales, and operational techniques to expand your customer base, increase revenue, and maximize business potential.

  • Option 3: Monthly Business Accountability Coaching -  Our Monthly Business Accountability Coaching ensures you stay on track with your business goals. Through monthly meetings, we review your prior month's goals, compare them to actual outcomes, and collaborate on developing a comprehensive plan for the upcoming month. Our accountability coaching helps you establish effective systems, refine processes, and overcome obstacles to optimize business performance and achieve sustained success.

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  • Executive Coaching

    Every month
    A weekly 30-minute session focused on personal and professional growth.
    • Mindset development
    • Habit formation
    • Skill enhancement
  • Growth Coaching

    Every month
    This bi-weekly coaching is for entrepreneurs aiming to boost their sales or size.
    • Personalized strategies and ongoing support
    • Identifying growth opportunities
    • Identifying growth opportunities to maximize potential
  • Business Accountability Coaching

    Every month
    Our Monthly Business Accountability Coaching ensures you stay on track with your business goals.
    • Monthly meetings
    • Review of your prior month's goals
    • Evaluate goals to actual outcomes
    • Developing a comprehensive plan for the upcoming month
  • Business Planning Clinic (1-on-1)

    Valid for one year
    • Business Planning (Group Class)

      Valid for one year


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      • What is Coaching?
        Coaching is a process of supporting individuals or groups to achieve their personal or professional goals. A coach is a trained professional who works with clients to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and helps them to develop skills and strategies to achieve their goals.
      • Why should I hire a coach?
        Hiring a coach helps you reach your goals faster and stay on track when facing obstacles. If you are committed to growing both personally and professionally, get a coach!
      • Why should I choose VZN Coaching?
        Hiring a professional coach for personal and professional development can be a valuable investment in yourself and your business. A coach can provide you with the guidance, support, and accountability you need to reach your full potential and lead a more fulfilling life and career. We have the experience and the training to guide you along the way.
      • Am I right for coaching?
        If you are open, committed and willing, we would defi ne you as being “coachable.” You're open to feedback and willing to make changes to improve yourself.
      • What happens after I sign up?
        We will reach out to you within 48 business hours and schedule your onboarding and first session with your coach.
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