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Wealth-building and investing are key components to achieving your dreams and leaving a lasting legacy. Building wealth involves creating a plan and taking steps to accumulate assets over time, such as saving money, investing wisely, and managing debt. Investing in your legacy means considering the long-term impact of your financial decisions on your family, community, and future generations.  If you choose to enroll, you will go through a rigorous 6-week program via Zoom to bring you up to speed with the essentials of wealth-building and investing in your legacy. A life-changing opportunity awaits!

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  • WEEK 1: JUNE 14TH

  • WEEK 2: June 21st

  • WEEK 3: June 28th

  • WEEK 4: July 12th (special guest)

  • WEEK 5: July 19th

  • WEEK 6: July 25th (bonus Call)


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